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le 30 novembre 2017

Hullo there

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(post-dated entry)

LiveJournal is getting on my tits, big-time, so this is to be my new abode, for good I believe.

The orange and grey scheme will need some getting used to.

Anyhow - if we already know each other, do please come in, the living room is over here, just step over the nekkid man lying down over here - do be careful with those stillettoes, he doesn't like needle-play - good. The booze is on its way, make yourself at home!

If we aren't yet acquainted, hello! Who are you, do you prefer blonds or brunettes, what are your views on postmodern literature, do you want to come in for a chat - mind the nekkid man, yes, he's too exhausted to get up and greet your properly. Let me offer you a drink - so, who did you say you were? Do you want to be added to the f-list?

le 03 janvier 2011

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Allez, un peu d'action discrète pour la rentrée.

L'école de police:

J'aime la france:

Et l'inénarrable chanson de jésus:

le 13 novembre 2010

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Oh and internet's on and off like Ross and Rachel, it is driving me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad (picture wild foudebassan brandishing sewing scissors at the modem in vain intimidation attempt)

le 14 septembre 2010


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Sur une note moins glauque, je suis en train de relire Malevil - sans doute le bouquin que j'ai le plus lu, principalement vers 12-18 ans. Les fils narratifs sont un peu plus transparents qu'ils ne l'étaient, et l'intrigue et tellement part de moi que la magie a tout de même du mal à prendre, mais putain. Ce bouquin, c'est comme retrouver un vieil ami.

le 01 septembre 2010

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I do miss LJ at times but that's more than balanced by the times I don't miss it!

On other unpleasant news, there's "engineering works" on the train line between here and London. Engineering works, my friends, are the English substitute for plain old strikes.

There will nothing amiss at the station itself, the usual unhelpful minion in its glass case with malfunctioning microphone and inexistant induction loop will sell you a ticket all right, but when you try to get on the platform you find out that it's barricaded, jinxed Platform 9 3/4 style. There follows a game of Boy Scout treasure hunting, with elusive signs to the nearest bus station and the odd little man in yellow jacket pointing you into the right direction whilst giving you the wrong bus schedule (or vice-versa). When, by a series of acts of Providence, you have found the right bus, and ascertained from the driver sworn into truthfulness for the occasion that it does indeed go in the right direction, you cannot hope to be driven to your original destination. No, the bus stops in all kinds of godforsaken places you didn't even know existed in a general 10 mile radius and eventually stops about half-way to wherever you wanted to go. After a new treck to the train station (easier to find than the average bus station, but still), you wait a few hours on a wind-swept, dark platform that smells faintly of wee where all seats are either broken or already occupied until your train arrives.

The usual 30min journey now lasts 2 hours 30.

Expat does not want to spend 4 h 30 in public transportation (each way).

So I have to drive to his place instead.

I do not like his place.

And driving means I have to go through *roadworks* (matter enough for several other posts)

le 31 août 2010


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My left Achilles tendon was aching early this month - it stopped in Hungary. I used the cross-trainer tonight and BANG now it's hurting again.
I wish I knew what I'm doing wrong - one wouldn't think it that hard!
I have ankle-warmers but as it's not muscular (I don't think) that'll hardly help, will it.

Also -
I wish I actually understood what she's saying. Though not understanding might be part of the charm!

le 19 juillet 2010

Fic rec

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Fic, with Lucius!

le 09 juin 2010

The plot thickens!

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Some person called us from the US after having listened to me on the radio but my colleague didn't ask WHAT RADIO STATION. My google-fu is deserting me as I can't find an American ABC radio.

Anyway, doesn't matter much as this product doesn't work in the US anyway.

I did find the perfect Hungarian course (on paper at least). I just went oh yes that's the one I want, and I don't know why - it's not that different from the others I've seen, and it's 3 weeks (one more than I can spare). But I wants it, oh yes I do.

le 29 avril 2010

Live blogging

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David Cameron: Change! Common sense! words under two syllables! nice blue conservative tie!
Nick Clegg: let's be honest! blunt! stop loopholes!* normal people! am good looking despite orange tie!
Gordon Brown: *wordslongerthantwosyllables* recession! support economy! *wordslongerthantwosyllables* international! am PM! so important I can wear a polka dot mauve tie! *wordslongerthantwosyllables*

David Cameron: Gordon's wrong! always has been!
Gordon Brown: David's a Tory! nasty!
Nick Clegg: while you two score points against each other, let me sound all different and normal!

David Cameron: immigration! wrong!
Gordon Brown: immigration! wrong!
Nick Clegg: lookie here, immigration = mostly from EU. You can't stop that you can't.
David Cameron and Gordon Brown: oh shut up you want to AMNESTY illegal IMMIGRANTS omg omg

Chorus: dear voter, I want youuuu! Hand job blow job felching, doesn't matter, you're always right! pleeeeeease let me lick you balls while I screw you

*could picture Shiv's sneer at this point

le 29 mars 2010


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Those little muscles in the inside thighs I didn't know existed?

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le 03 mars 2010

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Fa leszek, ha fànak vagy viràga.
Ha harmat vagy: én viràg leszek.
Harmat leszek, ha te napsugàr vagy,
Csak hogy lényeink egyesüljenek.
Ha, leànyka, te vagy a mennyorszàg:
Akkor én cillaggà vàltozom.
Ha, leànyka, te vagy a pokol: hogy
Egyesüljünk, én elkàrhozom.

Peto"fi Sàndor

(I shall be tree, if you are the tree's flower.
If you are dew: I shall be flower.
I shall be dew, if you are a ray of sunlight,
If only our beings may thus unite.
If, little girl, you are heaven:
I shall then become a star.
If, little girl, you are hell: for
Us to be one, I shall be damned.)

Not the best one out there, but I understand it. From where I stand it's the main thing!
The author's best known for having started a revolution by muttering stuff to himself in the street. The first verses of which I - for the record - also understand! (baby steps)

le 09 février 2010

I have learned a new word in my Hungarian textbook

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The newsworthy bit being that it's a new English word. Apparently nyàrs (not to be confused with nyàr, summer) is a skewer, and a skewer is une brochette.

And I had kind of guessed nyàrs (it was a dialogue about having a barbecue - and nope they still haven't snogged in case you were wondering) but skewer would have made me think of some kind of pan rather than of something you could impale someone onto.

Heh. It's fun when you learn things in places where you wouldn't have thought you'd learn them (if that makes any sense).

Only 1 Assimil lesson and 4 dialogues to go... Am still on schedule!!!

le 03 février 2010

Tirant ma révérence...

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I recently posted this over at the MorethanMolly LJ comm (HP/Jeeves crossover, 6k words, PG, crack).

le 20 janvier 2010


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Plus que 9 leçons d'Assimil!

le 05 janvier 2010

The known universe

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(am in a very spammy mood tonight, sorry)

Doesn't it make you shiver all the way and back?

I can't imagine what it must be like to be an astronaut and to see that big blue sphere grow smaller and smaller for realz. Like stepping up to the front of the class as a pupil, x10(10)?


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I very nearly called this "I miss the racism" and then thought better in extremis.

What I miss in Lumione is the explanation of racism on a character developing level.

Lucius has spent all his adult life thinking he is superior to Muggleborns, that his blood is purer, that he is entitled to more, that killing Muggleborns isn't really quite murder etc. If the wizarding world were real he'd be a Ku Klux Klan member, and his only regret would be to have been caught with a burning cross on his hands (one doesn't get caught, and let's face it, lynching someone oneself is far too common an occupation), not to have held and defended a racist POV that justified, and caused, serial murders.

Now that's not to say he can't be attracted to Hermione, but his justification (to himself and to his peers) would be that he desires her as an object of his physical attentions - not as a subject, and certainly not as an equal. And, in a post-war context, if he were using her to regain social status, I just can't picture him accepting her as an equal partner to the scheme outright. That's not to say he couldn't at the end of a well-crafted story, but I have yet to read that fic. And I would like to see him make this journey from bigot to human being before they go all happy happy happy together.

I do see Hermione asking herself these questions, mind you, only she's easily distracted by hair and/or cock (not to mention the library).

The ways the issue is circumvented are:
- BDSM. If he spanks Hermione then he obviously is still a bigot, no character development
Or BDSM. If Hermione spanks him then obviously it's payback and it makes it all right, ditto.
- friendship with Severus (if he appreciates a Halfblood as an equal, then it's not that big a leap to appreciating a Muggleborn as an equal), only it sidesteps how he came to accept Severus as an equal - you put it in the background, they fought together blah blah long time ago, fucked as teens with creative use of Slytherin snakes - which is creating a slightly new Lucius, who coincidentally doesn't need that character development.
- the refined orgies of Malfoy manor - character development pales down in background to silken beds with elaborate, chocolate-y sex

That's not to say I don't enjoy Lumione - I do, very much so - but I feel there's a story out that that should begin with acknowledging what an utter cunt Lucius starts out as. It would make the romance that follows much more meaningful.

And the same goes for Remus/Regulus, or basically any Pureblood/Muggleborn pairing - although not for Snermione, as one can assume that Snape has already gone through these issues before he even met Hermione.

Pour les francophones

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Un blog truculent à bien savourer:

le 04 janvier 2010

Am a happy bouncy little foudebassan these days

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for no reason at all.


le 01 janvier 2010

Book review: Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond

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Short summary:

Why did Europeans invade everywhere and kill everyone?

Because they had guns, germs and steel.

Why did they have those?

Because they were farmers (ie large food surplus, larger population that includes people who don't need to feed themselves and thus have time to invent crafts, weapons, writing etc). Domesticated animals also act like germ vectors, bringing lots of new and nasty diseases to the humans who can't escape as they (higher population densities) are crowded close to each other. Over time, farmers build some immunity against them - hunter-gatherers they encounter didn't.

Why didn't everyone become a farmer then?

Not all plants are equal, and not every place had the same plants. It doesn't make any sense to grow crops with a low calory return when you could be getting a full belly hunting and gathering. That can be solved when you use both local domesticated plants and crops that have been domesticated elsewhere but that also happen to grow at home - but for that you need another place close by with similar climatic / soil conditions, which happened in Eurasia more than anywhere else.

There are also more domesticable animals in Eurasia than elsewhere - partly dumb luck (Africa has loads of big mammals, but none of them is suitable for domestication) and partly because Eurasian wild animals evolved together with humans and got better at escaping us as and when we became better hunters. Other continents were colonised by modern humans with full hunting skills - to find animals that didn't have a chance to evolve better defenses against humans and thus got exterminated quickly. And domesticated animals aren't just a source of clothes, milk, eggs and protein - big mammals help plow the earth and make farming a much more efficient business.

...but lots of other societies had farming too, why Europe?

Most of the other farming societies were isolated from each other. While they did get to develop an "idle" category of society who invented, inventions didn't get around as quickly and efficiently than they did in Eurasia (good commercial routes at constant latitudes with no big deserts in the middle), and coming up with everything ex nihilo takes longer.

Why not other Eurasian societies, then?

The Middle East got over-farmed and can't produce that much food any more.

China was unified sooner than other cultural groups, thanks to well-situated rivers that facilitated communication and to the absence of a power of similar strength to keep it from swallowing everything else. So the one central decision to isolate themselves went unchallenged.

=> as irrational as individual humans can be, as a species we are perfectly rational and each society makes the best survival choices given the environment they find themselves in.

It sounds simplistic and there's nothing revolutionary in there, but it did make for great feel-good Xmas reading. Great examples and arguments from many different fields too.

Also, I felt justified in not liking animals (the idea of petting them or living with them disgusts me, even though I know there is nothing objectively wrong with it). Animal-spread germs were however the single thing most likely to kill my ancestors, and while they probably only survived due to a lucky genetic predisposition, the reflex not to touch animals except to get what is needed out of them may have played some part in it, so it is not as irrational as it might seem in this day and age when pets are most likely germ-free.
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